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Where did the wright bros grow up?

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What is right daughter grow up or daughter grows up?

The word "daughter" is a noun, and it requires the third person singular for the verb. The verb "to grow" is a regular verb and forms its third person by adding an -s. So: "Wh

Where did the Wright Brothers grow up?

  Orville Wright grew up in Dayton, Ohio. While Wilbur Wright grew up in Millville, Indiana.     Richmond, Indiana and (after 1884) Dayton, Ohio.

Difference between grow up and grow?

The differences between grow up and grow is that "grow up" usually means to grow older and "grow" can be used as telling someone they need to grow. For example, "You need to g

Where did William Harrison grow up?

Harrison lived on the family plantation along the James River in Virginia until he was 14, when he went away to school in hopes of becoming a doctor. He father died when was 1

Where did Nat Turner grow up?

Nat Turner grew up on his masters farm. Though he had no resentment for his master, he still was one of the worst mad men ever killing all white farmers, trying to get away fr