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Do baboons live alone?

No,they live in large groups, called a troop.

Where do baboons live?

Baboons live in Asia and Africa. living in woodlands  The baboon's natural habitat is up in trees, in Savannas, or on cliffs at the seashore.

Do baboons eat baby baboons?

Baboons are not cannibalistic.

How do baboons communicate?

With shrieks and grunting calls, and body language. Their facial expressions also can determine their mood and show aggessiveness.

What is a baboon?

A baboon is a primate, native to Africa and related to monkeys. Their size ranges from 30 to 90 lbs., depending on the species.

What are baboons?

Baboons are a species of large monkeys belonging to the family Cercopithecidae. They travel in large herds called troops in Africa and Arabia. They are gray in color with pink