Where do pollock jokes come from?

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Pollack jokes (refering to Polish people as "Pollacks") came about amidst the start of World War II. When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, Americans were not very aware of global politics or conflicts, and President Roosevelt had instituted the Neutrality Acts keeping the U.S. out of the conflict for the time being.
When word spread in America of the very quick defeat of Poland by German and Russian forces (just over a month), Pollack jokes came about making fun of the Polish people.
And in that defeat an advance on a German tank battalion charged on by a polish Calvary division on horses.The polish Calvary was decimated and what was an act of true bravery was tossed aside as an act of stupidity horses vs tanks.Even though this is disputed as a myth it is still the spin put on to the polish army by the ease of the victory with Poland perhaps.

The phrase "dumb Polack" generated after WWII. When Hitler's army invaded Poland, the Nazi soldiers were ordered to hunt down and kill any person of intelligence in the country. This included: authors, painters, teachers, and any other person with a high level of education. With all the intelligent people of Poland murdered, the phrase came to be because the "dumb" citizens were left to pass on their genes to future generations. Sad but true.
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