What is expression?

An expression is another name for an equation that usually does not have an answer. To be called an expression it usually must must have proper mathematical form i.e. not all (MORE)

What is an expression?

According to Princeton's online dictionary: . the feelings expressed on a person's face; "a sad expression"; "a look of triumph"; "an angry face" . expression without words; (MORE)

Where did the expression?

The "World's Smallest Violin" expression was first used when a T. Rex first played it for the rest of the dinosaurs when they were facing extinction. Of course, the T. Rex, be (MORE)

Does an expression have an answer?

A mathematical expression does not have an answer, if it is algebraic and all of the terms are unlike. For example, x+7y does not have an answer because there are no definite (MORE)

What does expression?

An expression is a tool by which you make an impression at the time when you get the opportunity to express yourself conciously/ unconciouly to others. And this expression of (MORE)

What is expressive?

by showing your true colors. your favorite hobbies, music, and feelings. by showing who you really are and saying what you really mean
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What is the va don don?

The va don don is a creature from the black lagoon with a big head and hangs out in the hc.
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Where is don don on soineworld?

Don-Don is a character at Dragon Port. He is the person you play magic toggle with. He does the quest: Old Traveller. His quote is: Ready to play Magic Toggle!?

Don on you or dawn on you?

Something "dawns on you" when you suddenly (or begin to) realise something. The word 'dawn' is used because this is the name for the start of the day when the light from th (MORE)