Where does the water on earth come from?

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Where does new water on earth come from?

New water comes from under the crust of the Earth. It escapes mainly through hydrothermal vents in the sea floor. ------------------------------------------------ There is

Where did most of the water on the earth come from?

The most important thing to know is that water is h2o meaning it is made of 1 hydrogen atom and 2 oxygen atoms. Hydrogen and oxygen are both elements that are commonly found t

When did water first come on earth?

This is a well-debated question, and there is no certain answer yet. Many scientists believe that the first water came to Earth in its primitive stages. They think that meteor
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How do water come on earth?

One theory is that small amounts of water were in meteors, and billions of years ago it is said that there were continuous meteor strikes on earth, all the small amounts of wa