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Where does visible light occur?

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What is visible light?

Visible light includes all the colors of the rainbow. The different  colors are the result of different wavelengths.

Is light visible?

Yes, there is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum which can be detected by an organism. The part which can be detected depends on the species. Also, not really, if you ask

What do you we visible light for?

We use visible light to see in the dark. This process enables us to acquire the ability to see stuff, and thereby to avoid bumping into things as we ambulate as required d

What is the reaction that occurs in stars that causes the visible light to be produced?

  The fusion that starts off with Hydrogen atoms being pressed together by gravitational forces that are strong enough to resist the outward pressures of the reaction itse

Can you see visible light?

Visible means "what you can see" - so yes.

What are facts of visible light?

It has a frequency of 400 to 790 THz. It has a wavelength range of 380 to 740 nm. It can penetrate through clear objects.