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What are the seven colors of visible light?

ROY G BIV(red, orange, yellow, green , blue, indigo, and voliet) (The list above is complete. Fuchsia, beige, olive, tan, brick, pink, gold, chartreuse, brown, cyan, magent

What are 3 uses for visible light?

1) Seeing. 2) Effects like in fireworks or prisms. 3) Concentrated visible light creates lasers that are used anywhere from cutting sheet metal to being a pointer in a pre

What are benefits of visible light?

Visible light is the only electromagnetic wave you can see. It enables you to see colors from red, to blue, to purple, etc.

What type of wave is is visible light?

An electromagnetic wave. The electrical field and magnetic field are transverse waves perpendicular to each other (and also to the direction of propagation).

What is visible light?

Visible light includes all the colors of the rainbow. The different  colors are the result of different wavelengths.

Are microwaves a form of visible light?

No. If you take the light bulb out of the microwave oven, then you can't tell by looking at it whether or not it's running.

What are facts of visible light?

It has a frequency of 400 to 790 THz. It has a wavelength range of 380 to 740 nm. It can penetrate through clear objects.
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Is light visible in a vacuum?

  Yes. Light is both a particle (photon) and a wave (electromagnetic). You can see light if you were in outer space, which is a vacuum.