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Where is Kent?

Kent is the S.E. corner of England and includes Canterbury, Dover, Folkestone, Deal. A place well worth visiting in Kent, except in winter, is Sissinghurst Castle, which has (MORE)

Who was Benny Goodman?

A great band leader and a pioneer in music.. ===== To expand, Benny Goodman was the most famous clarinet player of the Swing Era, and arguably was matched in talent only b (MORE)

Where is kent from?

i think kent is a place in suffoulk No No no no no no no no ^^^ Kent is a county and is a home county which is around London and is in England... honestly Suffoulk is near (MORE)
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Who is vestal goodman?

Vestal Goodman is a famous southern gospel singer. She was a member of the singing group "The Happy Goodmans." Vestal, and her husband Howard regularly were a part of Bill Gai (MORE)
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Is Briton in Kent?

Briton is not a place it is the name given to the inhabitants of Britain by the Ancient Romans. Kent is a county in Southern England, a part of the island of Great Britain.
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Who is Jake goodman?

he is a character for life with boys. he plays the role of spencer foster
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What is a goodman diagram?

Convenient graphical representation of various combinations of mean and alternating stress in relation to criteria both for yielding and for various fatigue lives. Horizontal (MORE)