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Show how to the the math problems 7 1 x 9 - 5?

First you do: 71 times 9 which is 639 and then you subtract 5 which will give you 634. Therefore the answer for this question is 634. ! But if you have to show the work yo

How do you solve this problem 9 34 - 7 68?

934-768 line them up: 934 -768 Subtract the ones digit (ie 4-8), if insufficient (ie result is less than zero) subtract one from the tens digit and add ten to the numeral in

Why can't I download anything on I account but you can on another accoun on the same PC I have windows 7. And this problem started after i deleted orbit downloader. HELP PLEASE?

First of all you need to uninstall software to to delete it. Second you will need to edit your browser settings to change downloading program, and set it to the browser again.