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How do you insert if-functions in excel?

An IF function or formula is just like a SUM or an AVE formula. Select the cell into which you want to put an IF formula. The structure of an IF formula is: =IF(test clause,ac

What is the function of the insert tab in the computer?

Assuming that you mean the 'Insert' key on the keyboard, normally found somewhere up in the top right area of the keyboard. This is used to switch back and forth between wha

How do you insert a function?

You can press the Shift and F3 keys. You can click the fx button on the formula bar. You can use the Insert menu. If you know the function you can just type it in.

What are the functions of the insert key on the keyboard?

The Insert key functions to toggle between two types of word document editing. When the Insert function is active, new characters typed into a word document between existing c

In Microsoft Excel How do you insert function in formula?

You can just type it in directly or if the formula starts with a function you can click on the insert function key, which looks like fx. You can just type it in directly or i

What is the function of insertion sort?

The function on insertion sort is to insert a value into its proper place using an algorithm automatically. It sorts through an array and puts it in the appropriate order acco

What is the function of the insert?

If you mean inserting columns, you can insert new columns into aworksheet, like when you may need a new column in the middle ofexisting ones. The Insert Function, allows you t

What is Insert Function in MS Excel?

Insert Function in Excel allows you to enter a function into yourworksheet. You can choose your function from different categoriesfo functions. It will also give you a little

What does Insert Function mean on Excel?

Insert Function allows you to choose a function from the ones that Excel provides and insert it into a cell. You can choose the function from the ones that are available by ca