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Is it a shoal or pod of dolphins?

Neither are wrong terms for describing multiple dolphins. Multiple terms have been thrown around for both dolphins and whales, trying to emphasize the fact that they aren't fi (MORE)
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What does shoal shell do?

  If you collect four of each, they can be exchanged for a Shell Bell, Which Restores a small amount of HP whenever the Pokémon holding it deals damage. (1/8 of the damag (MORE)

How do you get shoal Salt in Pokemon Sapphire?

Depending on the tide, you can either get the shoal shells or the shoal salt. Eventually you'll have to get four of each if you want to receive a shell bell from the guy. Wh (MORE)
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What is Shoal of fish?

  Shoal fish- A group of fish, including mixed species groups, school is reserved for more closley knit groups of the same species
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Why is a group of bass called a shoal?

That is how the English language works. It is the same reason why we have a "herd of cattle", a "mob of kangaroos" a "flock of sheep" and a "funeral of crows".
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What is a shoal draft ballast?

The draft of a boat determines minimum depth of water a ship can  safely navigate. A shoal draft is a very shallow draft. In this  case, shoal draft ballast is the sort of b (MORE)

Who is muscle shoals?

Muscle Shoals is not a WHO ,its a small city in North Alabama made famous by one of its small recording studios located at 3614 Jackson hwy. .from the early 1960s up until now (MORE)

How long will Missouri hold you in jail awaiting extradition on a misdemeanor warrant?

Once the legal process of extradition between the states has begun there is no statutory time limit on the process. It takes as long as it takes. It is by no means a fast proc (MORE)
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Is kyogre in the shoal cave?

Kyorge does not appear in Shoal Cave. In Pokemon Sapphire Kyogre  appears in the Cave of Origins as part of the story. In Pokemon  Emerald Kyogre appears in the Marine Cave (MORE)

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