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What type of noun is shoal?

The noun 'shoal' is a singular, common, concrete noun; a word for a  large group of fish; a word for an area of shallow water,  especially as a hazard to navigation; a word (MORE)

Shoal cave in Pokemon emerald?

  Shoal cave is above Mossdeep city.. It can be dry or flooded depending on the time and tides... there is an old man inside the cave who will ask you to get 4 shoal salts (MORE)
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What does shoal shell do?

  If you collect four of each, they can be exchanged for a Shell Bell, Which Restores a small amount of HP whenever the Pokémon holding it deals damage. (1/8 of the damag (MORE)
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What are the reactions of people about the Scarborough shoal?

 A Reaction  paper of Scarborough Shoal       Had China and the Philippines based their on-going dispute on  security and threat, economic dimension, political (MORE)

How do you get into jail?

You get in jail by doing something bad that is the law. Or you can be bad to a important person like the president.
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What is the collective noun of shoal?

The noun shoal (or  school) is the collective term for a group of fish.
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How long will Missouri hold you in jail awaiting extradition on a misdemeanor warrant?

Once the legal process of extradition between the states has begun there is no statutory time limit on the process. It takes as long as it takes. It is by no means a fast proc (MORE)
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What is a collective noun of shoal?

Shoal is a collective noun. It is the collective noun for  fish. A shoal of fish.
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