Where is the AC relay on a Toyota Sienna?

Where is the AC relay on a Toyota Sienna?
Gregg Anderton Asian Cars Supervisor
Toyota has issued a service bulletin that advises to replace the a/c magnetic clutch relay, it's located in the fuse/relay block under the hood near the battery: If the part number is 90987-02022, please replace the relay with the
countermeasured relay P/N 90987-02028/
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Toyota Sienna fuel filter?

  To my knowledge after 2001/2, Toyota no longer uses an external fuel filter on their Sienna models, all the fuel filters are incorporated with the fuel pump inside the t… (MORE)

How do you tow a Toyota Sienna?

You should never tow any automatic.   Use a towing dolly under the drive wheels or select neutral and tow in short distances at less than 15 miles an hour.

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Where can you find Toyota sienna headphones?

As long as you have a 2005 and newer Toyota Sienna, you can get  replacemend rear seat entertainment headphones from the website in  the related link. 

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