Where is the Tahoe blend door actuator?

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The blend door actuator on the late model Chevy Tahoe is located behind the dash in the glove box area. Broken blend doors and broken blend door actuators are a very common problem among Chevy Tahoe, Suburban, and Silverado models. Typically, to repair a broken blend door, a mechanic will disassemble the dash and replace the plenum box. It is an expensive and labor intensive repair. There are also some DIY solutions such as the heatertreater that provide hardware and instructions for performing the repair by removing the glove box rather than the entire dash. It is worth looking into if you think you have a broken blend door.
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Where is the Blend door actuator on a 1998 ranger?

The Ranger and Ford Explorer use the same HVAC plenum box and any information on the Explorer is applicable to the Ranger. The actuator motor is located on top of the heater b

Blend door actuator 99 explorer?

The actuator is located on top of the heater box and can be accessed by fully opening the glove box and looking in the upper left hand corner. Generally, the actuator motor is

Where is the blend door actuator on a Caravan - 43k?

The actuators are under the dash. three of the four are on the drivers side just above the accelorator and are attached to your blower motor. the fourth is located under the p

Where is the blend door actuator for GMC Jimmy?

I have a 98 Jimmy slt and mine was located behind the glove box and to the upper left. It was really not that hard to remove. The glove box folds down easily. I had to remo

If blend door actuator is bad what are the symptoms?

1) not able to adjust the heater temperatures 2) sounds coming from behind the radio area of the dash when trying to change temps - from a clicking to a thumping like an angr

Where is the blend door actuator on a 2000 Tahoe?

the blend door actuator is located under the sound insulator panel. Remove the sound insulator panel by removing for 7mm screws. Move the sound insulator panel out of the way.

How do you test a blend door actuator?

There is no significant power at the three wire plug at the control knob, the three wires are directly wired to a potentiometer. In the five wire plug on the actuator there is

Is there two blend door actuators on a Tahoe Where would it be located?

For late model Tahoe with dual climate control, there are two blend door actuators, both located underneath the dash near the main control panel. One is extremely hard to acce