Where is the book of Mormon located in the Mormon Bible?

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The Mormon Bible is the exact same as the regular King James Version of the Bible which other Christian religions use. The LDS, or as it's more commonly known, "Mormon" Church has another Testament of Jesus Christ called The Book of Mormon, which was, according to LDS gospel, written by people around the same time as the Bible, and restored after being lost in the Dark Ages by Joseph Smith.
The individual book of Mormon within The Book of Mormon, is the the third to last book, preceeding Moroni and Ether. Mormons accept the King James Version of the Bible as their "Bible". A separate book, The Book of Mormon, is also believed to be scripture in the Mormon faith. The word "Bible" means a "collection of books." The Book of Mormon is also a "collection of books" just written by different prophets in a different part of the world. Suppose you had 3 teenagers, all of whom wanted to go to college. The oldest one, a son, goes to Yale. While there he keeps a journal of his experiences. It tells both the good and the bad about going to college. He graduates with honors. The next child, a daughter, decides to go to UCLA. To prepare her, she reads her brothers journal prior to heading West. She too keeps a journal while in school. She graduates successfully too. Now your third child is headed off to college. To prepare her, is she better off just reading the son's journal or do you think she should also read the journal of the daughter? Both journals together better outline how to prepare for and make it through college successfully; they were just kept in different parts of the country. So it is with the Bible and The Book of Mormon. Mormons believe they are both valuable, because they teach the same doctrine but also help amplify each other. They were just written and recorded in different parts of the world by different groups of people. Hope that's helpful. For a free copy of either the King James Version of the Bible or The Book of Mormon, contact any local Mormon church or call church headquarters in Salt Lake City. They'll send you one or both for free.
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