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Where is the center of pressure in a rocket?

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How do you maintain a Center of Gravity on a rocket?

I'm not sure what you mean by this but if you want to replicate gravity on a spaceship than you have to have the entire spaceship spin around in a circular form creating centr

Center of gravity on a rocket?

It is the point on the rocket where it balances it self, with the pull of gravity, and the amount of thrust it applies back on the ground to move up.

Why must the center of pressure be well below the center of gravity on a rocket?

I'm going to guess it's for easier guidance. If center of pressure were above CG, you'd blast your rocket so that's out, we're not pulling here, we're pushing. If CP is below
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How does a pressure rocket work?

The same way a chemical rocket works. Instead of burning fuel to create a force to propel the rocket, stored pressure released in one direction propels the rocket. Both chemi