Where is the valley of koh kaaf?

Chrishan Silva Acids & Bases Supervisor
smwhere in russia i heard :/
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Is KOH soluble?

  KOH is potassium hydroxide, an Arrhenius base. All ionic compounds are soluble (they ionize in the polar water). This particular ionic compound also has all these loose … (MORE)

Is KOH organic?

No. It contains the elements potassium (K), oxygen (O), and hydrogen (H) only. In order to be organic a compound must contain carbon (C).

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Is KOH an acid?

because KOH is potassium hydroxide, you can recall that in biology you must have learned about H+ being and acid and OH- being a base and K(OH) contains the one hydroxide maki… (MORE)

Is koh a solid?

nope. OH is hydroxide which is insoluble except with a few things including potassium (K). so KOH is soluble, or aqueous.

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