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Where pilgrims families large or small?

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Is it better to grow up in a large family or a small family?

I'd say the answer to your question is going to be rather subjective. I know people from large families who are quite happy with their circumstances and wouldn't trade their

Is it better to have a small family or a large family?

Coming from a family of eight children, i say go for it! Kids are awesome, and as many as you feel you can handle is as many as you need. Most people don't want to have alot o

Why large family is better than small family?

A large family & a small family both have certain quanities that make them each better than each other but a big family would be better than a small family because u would nev

Which one is better large family or small family?

It all depends on the interests, money, housing situation and more As you say it all depends, if I had met a girl who came from a large family, say she was the oldest of 8 ch

What is the difference between large or small Family?

large families have their problems both good and bad sometimes in large families parents or guardians have to extend themselves to the other members and that can sometimes cau

Are families in latin America large or small?

A recent study found that families in Latin America are getting smaller, and are due to drop in size by 18% by the year 2020. This is due to a growing number of single parent