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What are the smallest bones found in the ear?

The 3 auditory ossicles  are "little bones" found in the middle ear. They are the smallest  bones in the human body, and each one has its own name:   tympanic side = mall

When was solar panels found out?

In the 1800's some compounds were known to emit current when bathed in light. Called the Hertz effect in 1877 after Heinrich Hertz observed it in the laborotory.  Albert Eins

Is the cochlea found in the inner ear?

Yes. It is a snail-shell shaped organ with tiny hairs lining the inside that move to sound waves, sending impulses to the brain, which the brain translates as sound.
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Where can structural insulated panels be found?

Structural insulated panels are used mainly as a composite building material. Most commonly you can find them in prefabricated modular houses. Alternatively if you wish to pur