Where to buy cheap xbox 360 Kinect bundle in dubai?

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Where can you buy a cheap xbox 360?

Dude, you buy a CHEAP xbox 360 arcade bundle at unclevics.com . He has elite for 200.00 or arcade ( bundle so is the elite ) for only 138.00 ( after shipping and handling about 157.00) AWESOME CHEAP

Kinect on xbox 360?

Hi my name is Aaron Jackson the kinect it is one of the best technology out in 2010-2011 the kinect is good and it brings a hole family to the living room to go on it you do not need a controller and you do not need anything all you need is your hands feet head that's all bad things about the kinect the sensing is a bit late and it can not get your fingers it can only get the joints on you thank you that is all.

Where can you buy a xbox 360 cod4 modded controller for cheap?

Promodz has the best.. Probubly the cheapest, but you can go all out and get some awsome custom controllers.

Is it worth buying the map pack bundle for xbox 360 world at war?

yes it is worth to buy it, you can buy the maps separately but it will cost you 400 points more

Will there be a xbox 360 bundle pack with Kinect?

Yes. There will be a bundle pack with xbox360, a game, and the kinect sensor.

What is the price of Xbox 360 Kinect?

The price of an Xbox 360 depends on the condition of it. A new Xbox could go for upwards of $300. A used or refurbished Xbox is a lot less. They could cost about $100.

How do you use Kinect for Xbox 360?

Firstly, use the equipment needed to plug into your Xbox 360. When all done, turn on your xbox and it will take you through a tutorial how to use it and calibrate it. DO NOT MOVE THE KINECT UP & DOWN, YOU CAN DO THIS THROUGH THE OPTIONS.

Will Kinect work on every xbox 360?

yes, it has been confirmed by xbox that the xbox kinect will be compatible with every xbox 360

Do you have to have a Xbox 360 to play Xbox Kinect?

Yes you do. Every Xbox 360 console created will be compatible with the Kinect, but you cannot play Kinect without one.

Does the Xbox 360 have built in Kinect?

Only the new xbox 360 slim not the elite or arcade EDIT: Actually, The new Xbox 360 Slim has kinect abilities meaning its ready for it. You still have to buy Kinect.

What is the xbox 360 Kinect?

It is a camera that will have your avatar copy the same movements you make. Also it allows you to have video chats with other gamers over Xbox Live.

320gb PlayStation Console and move bundle or 250gb xbox 360 Console and Kinect?

The move bundle with the 320 GB PS3 is a great deal for only $399, but it was reduced to $349.99 . You should buy the PS3 320 GB with the Uncharted 3 game for $299 and you can get the LittleBigPlanet 2 Move Bundle for $99.99 ( $79.99 on 2/6/12) and you will have 2 great games a navigational controller a move controller & a Playstation eye camera for what you could have paid for just the released Move PS3 package and with a 79.99 LBP 2 bundle only $30 more and the navigational controller lists for that without the 2 games

Can you use a Xbox 360 controller with an Xbox 360 Kinect?

well sort of you can use a kinect sensor with an xbox 360 but you can't control the kinect sensor with an xbox 360 wireless or wired controller but they can all work together with no conflics but it would be best if you have a kinect sensor use that instead of a controller way better games voice command you gotta love it

What console is a better buy PS3 320GB with Move Bundle or the natal Xbox 360?

I have used and played on both the consoles. PS3 and Xbox 360. Both have their pros and cons. I mean it depends on you. What are you? Are you a hard core gamer who just can't get enough of the games, then the best bet is the 360 for you. It is an ultimate gaming platform out there today. However it comes with a cost Now PS3 isn't free for that matter, you can play online with your friends for free in PS3 and ps3 has great games, i have to obey.The PS3 has more than Great games. It has a Great method to store Photos and Videos and to share them. It offers an excellent DVD and Blu ray player, Works well with the PSP and PSP go. The price just keeps dropping and the Game library of available PS3 titles growing. Now the 3D and Move games are starting to come out. you can play online in xbox but only if you subscripe for their gold membership. there is month to month, 3-month and 1 year gold memberships. the 1 year gold membership is $49.99 (i belive it is 59.99 now), BUT i have to say it is totally worth it. You can get game vidoes, movie trailers, TV shows, Zune Music, news, Comics, sports (ESPN is free with gold subscription), Netflix, last.FM, Video chat. All the above are for the new Kinect (natal) xbox that is going to be released on Nov 4th. I would say you wait for it, and i bet it is worth a wait . Wait until Sept 17 2010 for the Delivery of the 320 GB PS3 sold with the PS3 Move Bundle for a USA price of $399.99.

Can you use Kinect on a xbox 360 elite?

Yes You can but you will just have a another power supply to power kinect or but the Slim

Can you use Kinect with out xbox 360?

The short answer is "No" Microsoft have only developed Kinect to be used for Xbox 360 at the moment. However, many people have managed to hack it, so they can use it on their computer or even on a smart phone. I do know that Microsoft are working on a project to incorporate it into Windows, but nothing has been officially released.

Do you need to buy the new xbox 360 Kinect console If you all ready have a xbox 360 can i just buy a Kinect sensor and play?

Yes, you can just by a Kinect sensor separately, and connect it to your existing Xbox 360. The sensor itself cost around $150 (USD).

How do you connect a Xbox 360 Kinect to a Xbox 360?

if you are trying to connect it to the newer 360s, the so called "slim" ones, there is a port at the back of it specially designed for the Kinect, it is above the ethernet port. if you are trying to connect it to the older versions of the 360 you will need to buy an adaptor cable, which is sold separately.

Can you use Kinect on the old xbox 360?

there isn't an old 360 only Xbox and Xbox 360. but no it does not work on any console except a 360

Does Kinect work the xbox 360 arcade?

Yes it does,though im not sure if it needs a separate cable...but yeah it works but takes up a lot of memory so I consider buying a hard drive.

When you buy the Kinect sensor does it hook up to a xbox 360 pro?

Any version of the Xbox 360 will work with the Kinect, the only requirement is 175 mb of memory. If you are using an older Xbox 360 then you will also have to plug the Kinect into an outlet.

Can a regular xbox 360 use Kinect?

Any version of the Xbox 360 will work with the Kinect, the only requirement is 175 mb of memory. If you are using an older Xbox 360 then you will also have to plug the Kinect into an outlet.

Is the old xbox 360 compatible with Kinect?

Yes, the older Xbox 360's are compatible with the Kinect, the only difference is that you will have to also plug the Kinect into an outlet as well as your Xbox 360.

How does the Kinect for xbox 360 work?

Kinect works for all types of xbox 360 consoles. Actually ,The kinect uses motion capture and inputs your motions into the screen, Its just a extremely more advanced version of those playstation games that used webcam.

Which is better ps3 or xbox 360 Kinect?

Do not mean the PS3 with the PS3 Move Controllers and Playstation Eye because they do have more games available than the connect. It also is much cheaper to Purchase a PS3 320 GB with the Undefeated 3 bundle $300 and the Move Bundle $80 than to buy a 320 GB Xbox 360 model with the Kinect and a Game

Does the xbox 360 come with Kinect?

No, the Kinect is separate but Amazon have some good deals if you buy them together.

What is the Kinect for Xbox 360?

Kinect is a revolutionary platform in which becomes connected to the Xbox 360. When the player moves in some way, that movement appears just as the Kinect camera saw it. So if you were to jump, you could actually see a character on the screen move.

How much will the xbox 360 Kinect bundle going to cost?

The Xbox 360 with Kinect Bundle cost $399.99 when you buy it from the Xbox official website. However, lower prices for Xbox 360 Kinect bundle are available in online shops and dealers such as Target, Amazon, and eBay where you will find discounted prices for Xbox with Kinect bundle. You can even buy refurbished or second hand Xbox 360 with Kinect bundle but in great condition and quality.

Can you have Kinect on xbox 360 elite?

Yes, Kinect works on all consoles. The only difference is the extra port on the back of the new xbox that makes the console look more streamlined.

Where can you buy xbox 360 Kinect?

Amazon have some great Xbox Kinect bundles, but demand is heavy so you are advised to buy early.

Does Xbox 360 games work with Xbox 360 Kinects?

it depends if the title on the cover says "kinect". if it doesnt then your out of luck because regular xbox 360 games aren't compatible

Can Xbox 360 Kinect play Xbox 360 games?

Kinect is a gaming attachment for the xbox 360. Only kinect games will work of the kinect. You cant use regular xbox 360 games on the kinect.

Does the Xbox 360 games work on Xbox 360 Kinect?

depends if it says kinect on the box then ye but if it doesn't tthen it won't work

What is the cheapest you can get a xbox 360 Kinect bundle?

You can get it cheap at Pawn shops, On Black Friday, Ebay, and a site called Craigslist.

Can you buy Kinect without the whole xbox 360 and where?

Yes. You can buy it at Game Stop,Toys R Us and PC Richardson and any game store.

Is the Xbox 360 slim the same as the Xbox 360 Kinect?

Completely different things, the xbox 360 slim is the same thing as the original xbox 360 except new design and 250 gigabytes, and the kinect is this new technology enhanced controller where you are the controller, kinda like the wii except 50 times better. I have the kinect and i gotta say its pretty cool.

Can Xbox 360 games be playable on Xbox 360 Kinect?

Type your answer here... I dont think so. Games that can be played on kinect have a purple kinect banner on the game cover.

Can a Xbox Kinect plug into a Xbox 360?

Yes, It can because on a commercial about the kinect I saw them using it on the white version (original)

Do you have to have the Xbox 360 kinect for the kinect?

If you already have the Xbox 360, you can just buy the Kinect bundle console which saves you more money. Kinect bundle works in Xbox 360 with both 4GB and 250GB memory. You can also buy an Xbox 360 which already comes with a Kinect bundle. You can't play Kinect without an Xbox 360 nonetheless.

Should you get the xbox 360 with Kinect or the call of duty xbox 360 bundle?

Ask the question to yourself. What would you play more, the kinect or call of duty? The kinect will be more fitness and family play. The call of duty will be more single player and multiplayer gaming.

Can you return an Xbox 360 Kinect for a regular Xbox 360?

The Xbox 360 (kinect version) is the newest version of the Xbox. I do not think that big companies sell the older version anymore.

Is the xbox 360 Kinect same as the xbox 360 Kinect zoom?

Both items above are totally different. The Kinect is an add-on for the Xbox 360. The kinect zoom is an add-on for the Kinect which allows less space needed to play the Kinect.

Can you trade your xbox 360 4gb Kinect bundle for a ps3 at gamestop?

No you can return it to the store if it is still new. The amazon price on the Xbox 360 Kinect bundle was $299.99 and they give a $75 gift card with purchase for December 28 2011 and many other days since Black Friday. Gamestop is in the business of selling systems and games and would not give you a trade only a credit far below what they will sell your system for.

Why were Xbox 360 with Kinects made?

The Kinect was a fun idea that Microsoft came up with to make gaming bring families together and just to give gamers a better experience. They have achieved more though with titles for small children such as Once Upon A Monster , which released in November 2011. A little pricy, but it's a lot of fun.

Where to buy a new cheap Xbox 360?

i would proberly go to amazon as they are cheap there note: DO NOT GO TO EBAY

Can you just buy a Kinect if you already have an Xbox 360?

Yes, you do not need to buy a kinect if you already have an x-box

Where can you download star wars kinect for xbox 360 kinect?

watch it on you tube or buy it and then send the data to me you mother's ugly baby and are you a girl or a boy and where do you live

Where can one buy Xbox 360 bundles for a reasonable price?

One can buy an Xbox 260 bundle for a reasonable price from Amazon. They have a holiday bundle available that also includes free shipping to any location.

Where can one buy cheap Xbox 360 parts?

Sometimes people looking to fix their Xbox 360 will go seeking used parts. Sometime the best place to look is on ebay. Another option is to purchase a used machine at a hock shop and use the parts.

Where can one buy Xbox 360 with Kinect?

A large number of "Big Box" stores and smaller retail "Gaming" shops sell the Xbox 360 with Kinect. This console can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target or Game Stop. It can also be purchased online through these companies websites as well as Amazon and New Egg.