How do you find sonic mugen characters?

Answer . on www.marat's mugen archive there should be a robotnik boss pack and a sonic character pack and on mugen masters there should be a sonic battle pack but no super (MORE)

How do you add characters to mugen?

when you unzip the character put it or unzip it to the "chars" folder.Then copy the name of its folder. Now go to the "data" folder and open the select.def file with notepad o (MORE)

How do you install mugen characters?

You put the characters in the "char" folder where you have installed mugen. Then add the characters and select a stage for everyone in "select.def" in the "data" folder.

Who is the strongest MUGEN character?

Currently L-Reimu (author: drab) and Guanyin-32vista are the cheapest and most powerful characters so far, as well as Y-Mashiro-F (author: lunatic) and Guanyin-pass 1.5. (MORE)

How can you put your Mugen characters in your Mugen game?

When you download your character unzip it to your mugen folder. Then copy the name of the folder. Now go to the data folder and open " select.def " with notepad or word pad. (MORE)