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How much does a mortgage underwriter make?

Answer . Mortgage underwriters typically make between 18 (low) and 35 (high) dollars per hour. The average underwriter makes around 25 per hour. Also some wholesale lenders (MORE)

What is a mortgage underwriter?

A mortgage lender or broker who approves or turns down loan applications based upon the quality of the real property, credit-worthiness and ability to pay according to the gui (MORE)
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Is a mortgage broker the same as a mortgage underwriter?

A Broker is NOT the same as and Underwriter (U/W). The Broker usually owns the mortgage company. He contracts with several companies to write loans for their companies. Onc (MORE)

Does Chase Banks underwrite mortgages?

Chase Banks do underwrite mortgages, and, in fact, have their own underwriting departments. Applications for mortgages may be submitted through an automated underwriting syste (MORE)
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Which Florida Mortgage Lenders do their own underwriting?

"The only company found in Florida that underwrites their own Mortgage loans was Chase Bank. Check with your lender because they may change their policies at any time. Also, y (MORE)