Which US president authorized the bomb droopping in World War 2?

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Was the US ever bombed in World War 2?

Answer . \nThe Japanese shelled the Long Beach, California area from a submarine in early 1942. No real damage and zero casualties (as I recall).\n. \nOf course, the hot air balloon attacks from Japan could also be considered a bombing. These had some success in setting fires, killing a few f ( Full Answer )

Why did America use the atomic bomb in World War 2?

Answer . Because Japan had attacked U.S. territory, destroyed U.S. Navy ships, killed U.S. military personnel, attempted to take over all of the Pacific Islands, and when the Japanese military was obviously loosing the war they refused to surrender. They wanted to keep their military together so ( Full Answer )

What US president decided to drop the atomic bomb during World War 2?

Answer: Harry S. Truman the 33rd President of the United States, Harry S Truman from Missouri. Franklin D. Roosevelt authorized the Manhattan Project, the massive undertaking by the US, Canada and Great Britain that created the first atomic "pile," the first sustained, controlled, man-made nuclear ( Full Answer )

What was used to make the atomic bomb in World War 2?

The US built a weapon and fired it as a test shot to prove the technology. Then the two bombs that were dropped on Japan were built and deployed. As regards the fissile material in the weapons, the Trinity test shot used plutonium , as did the second bomb dropped on Japan, the "Fat Man" weapon depl ( Full Answer )

Who was the US President during World War 2 when a nuclear bomb was dropped on Japan?

Harry S Truman was president during World War 2. He dropped two bombs on Japan during WWII. First on Hiroshima (Aug. 6, 1945) and then Nagasaki (Aug. 9, 1945) killing 1/2 a million people. HARRY S. TRUMAN'S ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE DROPPING OF AN ATOMIC BOMB ON HIROSHIMA Address to the Nation, Augus ( Full Answer )

Who did the US bomb in World War 2?

I think it was the Japanese because they bombed pearl harbour but I wouldn't be 100% sure!! Its an old one but worth repeating in the interests of UK/US harmony: When the Germans bomb the British duck; when the British bomb the Germans duck and when the Americans bomb everone ducks !

Why were bombs used in World War 2?

because they wanted to use them to blow people up in the war so that they could win the war and all be safe together when they get back to there country to tell there mum's.

What was the biggest bomb used in the World War 2?

It was the British "Grand Slam" bomb, which was 22,000 lbs. or nearly ten ton. Only 41 were ever dropped from specially adapted Lancaster Bombers of 617 squadron based at Woodhall Spa in Lincolnshire, UK. Obviously that was the biggest CONVENTIONAL high explosive,(HE) bomb! The Tallboy bomb ( Full Answer )

How was bombing used in world war 2?

Tactical air strikes were coming of age during WW2. The primary function of air power in WW2 was strategic for the US Army Air Corps; the bombing of industrial sites...and for the US Navy; the bombing of enemy warships/merchantmen. US Marine Corps aviators came the closest to supplying tactical air ( Full Answer )

Who used atomic bombs in World War 2?

Only the US, as they were the only country with them. America used two Atomic Bombs in WWII. They used this to end the war with Japan. This was a successful technique because the war ended shortly there after. Some people say America shouldn't have done this but Japan attacked America without warnin ( Full Answer )

Why Did The USA Use The Atom Bomb in World War 2?

To end WWII. President Truman was told that if the U.S. invaded Japan, the number of American casualties could exceed a million. The Russians were preparing to invade Japan and Truman did not want what was happening in Eastern Europe to happen in Japan. Therefore, it felt it would be best to end ( Full Answer )

How many nuclear Bombs were used in World War 2?

Three bombs were used during World War II. The first bomb was exploded in New Mexico in order to test the weapon. The second and third bombs were dropped on Japan. 2 i think you mean atomic

Did canadians use nuclear bombs in world war 2?

No, only two nuclear bombs have ever been dropped as acts of warfare and both of those were dropped by the USA on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II.

Who was the President when the US dropped the bomb on hiroshima to end world war 2?

At the end of World War II, few questioned Truman's decision to drop the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Most Americans accepted the obvious reasoning: the atomic bombings brought the war to a more timely end. They did not have a problem with over one hundred thousand of the enemy being kill ( Full Answer )

In world war 2 why did people use bomb shelters?

In WW2 bomb shelters were built due to being scared of begging bombed at there own home. This took place afte the bombing of pearl harbor. People thought if japan was willing to make such a trip to Hawaii,then they might make a trip to our homelend ,therefore many people scared of this fact, built b ( Full Answer )

Which plane from world war 2 drooped the nuculare bomb?

Enola Gay dropped a MK-1 uranium-235 gun bomb Little Boy on Hiroshima . Bockscar dropped a MK-3 plutonium-239 implosion bomb Fat Man on Nagasaki Both were "Silverplate" modified B-29 four engine heavy bombers The MK-1 had a yield of roughly 15KTons, the MK-3 had a yield of roughly 22KTons

Why were nuclear bomb used in world war 2?

The President didn't want to lose the enormous US casualties, rangeing from 300,000-750,000 depending on various estimates, that were anticipated. Americans are war weary already with 6,000 plus American Casualties from OIF/ OEF. Americans berate the president for the decision today, would you be wi ( Full Answer )

Was the US bombed in World War 2?

Yes, Japanese aircraft dropped bombs on the US in World War II. The bombs fell on Unalaska, one of the islands of the Aleutian Island Chain.. In addition, the Japanese did have very limited success with "balloon bombs" that they floated into the air. Of some 9,000 launched, a handful of these ballo ( Full Answer )

President US in World War 2?

Franklin Roosevelt was President of the United States when the war began, and remained president up until he died in 1945. Harry Truman then became president.

How were the atomic bomb used in world war 2?

When the Japenese attacked Pearl Harbor, the US sent troops to Japan. When the allies defeated Germany and Italy they turned to the east where the war was to be finished. The president (Roosevelt) decided to drop two bombs on Japan. The US dropped one on Hiroshima and Natsaki. Then Japan surrender ( Full Answer )

Was the hydrogen bomb used in world war 2?

No. Atomic bombs were used during WW2 in Japan, but they were"fission" weapons, which derived their destructive power fromsplitting apart the nucleus of an atom. Hydrogen bombs derive theirdestructive power from "fusion" reactions, or the merging of twoHydrogen atoms. This is the same chemical react ( Full Answer )

What size bombs did they use in world war 2?

at the start of the war only 25lb bombs were used, later 50lbs on fighter bombers in 1939, 100lbs bombs of light bombers such as the mosquito, 200lbs bombs on a mix of planes and later ww2 fighter bombers such as the tempest, 250lbs were used on a range of role, 500lbs on medium bombers, 1000lbs on ( Full Answer )

Who was the president of the US when World War 2 was on?

Franklin D. Roosevelt was the president at the beginning of and throughout the majority of WWII. Harry S. Truman was Roosevelt's vice-president. Truman succeeded him as the 33rd president upon Roosevelt's death on April 12, 1945. It was Truman's decision to use atomic weaponry on Hiroshima and Nagas ( Full Answer )

Who used glide bombs in World War 2?

Whilst there were many examples of early standoff weapons used in WWII the only one that could be said to be a glide weapon was the V1 flying bomb (Known as the Doodlebug). This weapon was either launched from a ramp using rocket assistance or was air dropped from under a bomber such as the He 111. ( Full Answer )

Was the atomic bomb ever used after world war 2?

There have not been any attacks using atomic bombs or missiles since World War II (as of today, May 4th, 2011). There have however, been many nuclear weapons tests - where controlled explosions have been conducted. Most of these have occurred underground to reduce nuclear fallout.

Where were atomic bombs used in World War 2?

The Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan were each bombed by one atomic bomb during World War II. Nagasaki and Hiroshima Japan In the United States. There were two atomic bombs dropped in WWII in attempt to end the war with Japan. The first was dropped on Hiros ( Full Answer )

Why was the atomic bomb used to end World War 2?

Because the Japanese would not surrender to the US. The US needed a show of power and the two atomic bombs were the solution. The US claimed they had more, to frighten the Japanese into surrendering, but they really didn't have any more.

Did the US use a nuclear bomb in World War 2?

Yes. Atomic "fission" nuclear weapons were employed on August 6, 1945 and August 9, 1945 to destroy the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Americans used a bomber plane named Enola Gay.

Why are you against using the atomic bomb in world war 2?

Because the Polution would kill hundres of thousands of animals and Innocent people and leave alot of leftover chemicals on our earth. Basiccally the damage it would cause would be completely uncalled for.

Which nuclear bombs were used in the World War 2?

The first bomb was called "Little Boy." It was dropped on Hiroshima. The name of the second nuclear bomb, dropped on Nagasaki, was called "Fat Man". Another opinion . Trinity/Gadget, a test device. Tested on a 100ft tower in the northeast corner of what is now Whitesands Missile Range, NM. ( Full Answer )

Was the us was justified in bombing japan in world war 2?

If you refer to the atomic bombs, that is still debated. Some think it saved American lives. Some think the Japanese were ready to surrender anyway. Some say it was a demonstration for the Soviets and the Chinese. If it was it didn't work. The Chinese and the Russians increased their efforts to get ( Full Answer )

Why were so many bombs used in World War 2?

Because guns were sorta inefficient when it came to destroying buildings. And when you have to destroy many buildings at once, bullet guns really aren't effective at all next to bombs.