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What can you do if you have mild neck stiffness that doesn't hurt or prevent you from moving your neck but when you look up like when drinking a glass of water it cracks and feels like it gets stuck?

The best prevention for this kind of pain is the new memory foam pillows. The ones on TV are a bit expensive, but stores like Target, WalMart, or K-Mart should carry them. I w (MORE)

What is the difference between the many different Alice in Wonderland books - 'Alice's Adventures Under Ground' 'Through the Looking Glass' 'Alice in Wonderland' etc?

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland is the full title of the first version of Alice in Wonderland to be published. It is the book which most of us know today, and was published i (MORE)

What are Alice's ideas about looking-glass house?

Alice knows that the things she can see are the same as the things in her house, except back-to-front, but she wonders if the things she can't see are the same. She suspects (MORE)
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Will Pete and Myka kiss in Warehouse 13?

Yes, they will. I forgot in which episod but they'll kiss in a hotel. Myka kiss Pete because she wanted to look like she have got a boyfriend because there was a man she had k (MORE)

What was the name of Alice's sister in Through the Looking Glass?

Alice's sister is referenced in Through the Looking Glass  but does not actually appear. In Alice's Adventures in  Wonderdland, her older sister DOES appear albeit as a mino (MORE)

Will there be a Christmas episode of Warehouse 13 in 2012?

No. According to Saul Rubinek in his Q&A answer video on the Warehouse 13 Facebook page. Syfy asked for 20 episodes for Season 4, 10 in summer of 2012 and 10 more beginning in (MORE)