Which is better canon 1100D or 450D?

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What is canonized?

Technically, to be canonized means to be incorporated into theCanons (laws, beliefs) of the Church. To be canonized as a saintmeans that investigations have shown that the candidate is, indeed,in heaven. The process does not make saints, only God can do that.The canonization process simply recognize (MORE)

Is Nikon better than Canon?

Canon Verses Nikon Both my sisters have Nikon digital cameras, and I have a digital Canon Rebel. Personally, I find that the Canon's pictures come out looking better. But, it's difficult to make a generalisation about this kind of thing, but most people seem to think the Canon compacts are amongst (MORE)

Is canon or Sony a better buy for a digital camera?

For me canon is always a better buy. On Feb 2008 I had a tour in the Himalayas (Shikim) with my Powershot A530 along with a friend with his Sony Cybershot. Both of us tried each other's camera. And what I found the CANON allows much more controls on the shots than SONY offers. See the results (MORE)

What is canonicity?

Answer . The method by which the books of the bible, both Old Testament and New Testament, were determined to be the authoritative works of God. These writings are considered to be penned by man but inspired by God (2 Tim 3:16). Extreme detail is involved in this process as biblical scholars de (MORE)

Which camera is better Canon EOS 400D or Nikon D80?

Theres a bunch of comparison tests out there for these two models. Check more at http://alatest.com/canon_eos_400d_digital_rebel_xti/digital_slr_cameras/expert_reviews/pe-34087417,248/ Many expert review sources claim the EOS 400D to have better color accuracy and high ISO dynamic range, where as (MORE)

Is the Canon Rebel XSi or the Canon Rebel XTi a better camera?

Better Between Canon Rebel XSi and Rebel STi . Canon Rebel XSi - for sure. It is newer than Canon Rebel XTi and has 12 MP while XTi has 10 MP. . Plus the XSi has live view, like a point and shoot camera you can use the LCD to take pictures. . ===. I personally like the Canon 50D more than xsi (MORE)

Why is Canon Rebel XSi known as Canon 450D?

\nCanon has different names around the world for their Rebel (Amateur/Consumer) line of cameras. In the US, the line is known as the Canon Rebel XSi. In Japan, it is alternatively named the Canon Kiss X2 while in Europe and around the world, it is known as the Canon 450D.\nCanon has done this for at (MORE)

What is better canon ixus 960is or 860is?

If you are after large prints, elegance of style and durability, then it's best to go for the canon 960 is. however, if you'd like a point and shoot camera with quality images and within a reasonable budget, then you can go for the ixus 860 is.

Is a Canon SD950 or Canon A720 the better digital camera?

CANON A720 - 8.00 Megapixels; 6.00x zoom (35-210mm eff); viewfinder- Optical / LCD; display size: 2.5 inch; ISO function: 80-1600; shuter speed - 15-1/2000; battery - 2 x AA; weight: (243 g). CANON SD950 - 12.10 Megapixels; 3.70x zoom lens; Optical / LCD - viewfinder; screen size - 2.5 inch; ISO fu (MORE)

Is the Canon G9 or SD950 the better camera?

\nDefinitely G9. it produces an even more professional quality photo than the sd950, although sd950 has pretty good result already. i personally prefer the G9 because you can use either manual control or auto control without being restricted. The G9 has a better optical zoom, and a bigger LCD scr (MORE)

Which is a better canon camcorder - hv30 minidv or 2075b001 2183b001 or vixia hf100 hd?

A good place to find reviews of specific cameras (and other tech stuff) is www.cnet.com; they may not have every model you are looking at reviewed, but it's a good place to start! . We cannot recommend specific brands on this site as that could be construed as "advertising". Which camera works be (MORE)

Which camera is better canon or Nikon?

The short answer is: "Depends". The long answer is: Both Canon and Nikon make cameras and lenses that are so good and so reliable that it is impossible to make a statement of which manufacturer makes better cameras (or lenses).. If you are looking for a "point and shoot" camera, compare cost, feat (MORE)

Which is better canon or Nikon?

I use a canon 7D and have seen that the clarity of a picture is same as taken on a nikon D90. However, it depends upon how one looks at a camera and a photo taken from a photografer's point of view. To me canon is better than a nikon...

What is canones?

a canoe is a type of boat but very small usually only one or two people fit in it depending on how big it is.

What is canonical?

If we have several web pages in our website, some time more than one page have similar content. These pages Google easily know that these pages have similar content. At this situation user can specify a canonical page to search engine.

What is canonic?

More properly Canonical, for lack of a better word- with official approval- the canonical books of the Bible, for example.

Is a canon rebel xs or canon rebel xsi better camera?

The Xsi was release a year after the Rebel XS and has a few extra features. For example, the Xsi is a 12 megapixel sensor while the xs has a 10.1 megapixel sensor. If you're looking to buy, you might consider a Canon Rebel T1i that was just released. This new camera is a bit more expensive but inclu (MORE)

Which one is better in Nikon slr camera and canon slr camera?

A Nikon and a Canon are equivalent in quality. The Nikon is significantly more costly than the Canon.. Most Nikon buyers would disagree but do some research before you buy. Make sure you compare models with similar features.. In my opinion the Canon is a much better value.

What camera is better for my first DSLR Nikon D40 or Canon Rebel?

I have a Canon Rebel series. This is really a matter of opinion, either one are great for first time DSLR owners. I personally chose at the time what camera to get based on additional lenses etc I planned to buy. It's also a good idea to test both. Hold them in your hands and see which one feels rig (MORE)

Which copier works better Canon or Toshiba?

I would choose Canon if you're planning to buy a color copier. If you're looking for just a black and white copier though, you should go for Toshiba or any other company, really (most copier brands offer the same level of black and white print quality). Don't let a salesperson tell you otherwise :)

Which is better electric guitar or canon camera EOS?

They're both great choices! While a standard Canon EOS will cost more than a standard electric guitar, it's all a matter of where your passions are. If you don't play guitar, consider the additional cost of guitar lessons, etc.

Which one is better camera Canon G11 or G 10?

G11 is enhanced version of G10, but looking after the specification you can have clear idea of both the camera. ISO : G11 has maximum ISO of 3600 while G10 has 1800. Pixel : G11 has only 10 mp while G10 has 14 mp. Image quality : G10 image quality is better than G11. LCD : LCD of g11 (MORE)

Are canon cameras better than Nikon cameras?

While Nikon has a reputation of being the camera of choice, canon cameras are utilized by many professionals and have excellent results. Canon cameras may be less costly and offer a better ease of use for non-photographer persons.

How are Canon printers better than other printers?

Users have found that Canon printers produce better quality photographs and has a higher print speed than many of its competitors. Canon also offers a variety of prince ranges, providing higher quality for less price.

Where is it possible to buy a Canon 450D camera?

The Canon 450D was released in North America under the name of Canon EOS Rebel XSi and is carried by many retailers, including Amazon. There are also several good deals for both new and used models listed on eBay.