How can verbal or emotional abuse be considered as damaging as physical abuse?

Answer . One of the biggest issues of verbal/emotional abuse is that since there is no visible sign, other people find it easier to believe that the victim is at fault. Thi (MORE)

Physical abuse versus emotional abuse?

The only difference between physical and emotional abuse is that the physical abuse can usually be seen and the emotional abuse is scarring your mind. Physical abuse is bruisi (MORE)

Why are children physical and emotional abused?

Children are physically and emotionally abused for a variety of reasons. They can be abused by parents or guardians. They can be abused by children at school, they can even be (MORE)

What is the similarity between physical abuse and emotional abuse?

It impowers the abuser and makes the person being abused feel weaker. Both can render an individual ansure of themselves. My friend and I were both in abusive relationship, he (MORE)

Is an emotional affair worse than a sexual one?

no it is not because their is no intimacy/intercourse involved but it is also not good either I think it would hurt more because there is no emotional connection if they ju (MORE)
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Does emotional abuse hurt more than physical abuse?

Physical abuse also contains emotional abuse. So there are actually 2 components of hurt in Physical Abuse. Emotional abuse can have as much effect on an individual as Physica (MORE)