Which medical colleges in Bangladesh are recognised by MCI?

Which medical colleges in Bangladesh are recognised by MCI?
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Is MITSDE pune is recognised college?

Maharashtra Academy of Engineering and Education Research (MAEER)'s Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT), Pune, is an engineering college affiliated to the University of (MORE)

Is shenyang medical college recognised by pmdc?

no, now no more universities are affiliated by PMDC . dont believe on consultants... as they are just making money, so they can do any thing for making money
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Is the Cambridge International College a recognised accredited college?

Cambridge International College is accredited by several Accrediting bodies including Accreditation Service for International Colleges (ASIC), which meets the British Governme (MORE)

Listed medical colleges or universities of china recognised by pmdc?

The seven universities recognized by PMDC include Peking Union Medical College, Beijing medical university, Shanghai medical university, Shanghai second medical university, Sc (MORE)

List of top private medical colleges in Bangladesh?

Top 5 Private Medical Colleges in Bangladesh   Bangladesh Medical College, Dhaka (Oldest College)Khwaja Yunus Ali Medical College, Dhaka (Oldest College)Green Life Medical (MORE)