Why aren't the marines force recon in special operations command like SEALs and Special Forces?

Recon Marines are JTF (Joint Task Force) with SOCOM though they report directly to MARSOC (Marine Special Operations Command). Because of all of the Intel flowing in to thes (MORE)

What is the United States Special Operations Command?

US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is a Unified CombatantCommand (all major combat branches have forces within thiscommand). They are in charge of overseeing all of the Spe (MORE)

Why aren't the Marines' Force Recon in Special Operations Command like SEALs and Special Forces?

Marine Force and Battalion Recon report to Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC) with their reports and requests. SEAL's report to Naval Special Warfare Command (NSW (MORE)

How can you get in it Joint Special Operations Command?

It depends on what type of position you are talking about. If you are asking about an operational position, you would need to spend time as either a Navy SEAL, Army Ranger or (MORE)