Which month was December on the roman early calender?

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December is month of?

Found this site that has trivia and facts about December, along with the historical events that happened on each day in December at http://www.thefreeresource.com/december-fun

What month was December on early roman calendar?

The ancient Roman calendar that was in use for about 40 years of the 8th century B.C. did not have a name for the time between December and Martius (March). Therefore December

Which month of December on the early roman calendar?

The very first calendar established by Romulus the founder of Rome and its first king (the calendar of Romulus) only had ten months: March to December (Martius to Decembris).

Why did the Romans invent calenders?

To keep track of the seasons and it was Julius Caesar who changed the old Roman calendar of 10 months in a year to 12 months in a year which was known as the Julian calender.

Why do some calenders have 16 months on them instead of just 12?

Calendars, especially those for advertising purposes, typically show the last 4 months of the current year , and all of the following year. Sometimes the months of the curren