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Which of these is non explosive hazard of a sub-munition?

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What are hazardous and non hazardous batteries?

Anything that can hold an electric charge can be hazardous if the positive and negative terminals aren't protected against shorting. Secondly, if damaged in any way (usually a

Are explosives an example of chemical hazards?

Yes, some explosives are chemical hazards, but not necessarily because they can explode. To be more clear, the category of "chemical hazard" has no bearing on whether or not

Is Krakatoa a explosive or non-explosive?

Krakatoa is a volcano that erupted. In the eruption, gases were trapped below the cap of the volcano. The explosive eruption occurred when the pressure was enough to blow the

Why can lava be explosive or non explosive?

Lava is not explosive. Eruptions of magma from a volcano can be explosive or not, depending on the pressure pushing it up from deep below the Earth's surface and on how hot (t

What is the term hazardous and non hazardous?

The term "hazardous" is used to refer to any material, condition, or situation that could cause injury, illness, environmental damage, death, or property damage. The term "