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Which of these is the primary cause of the failure of Britain and southern strategy?

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Who was the brains behind the Southern Strategy?

President Jefferson Davis..Was commander in chief..Robert E. Lee was commander of The Army of Northern Virginia, which was the greatest of all southern armies, defeating the

What was the primary cause of failure in Britain's Southern strategy?

The whole of Britain's strategy was cockeyed right from the start. As far as we can gather the number of Americans who joined the home government's army was far beyond exp

What was Nixon's southern strategy?

critisizing court-ordered busing of school children   placing a 90-day freeze on all wages and prices   establishing the Environmental Protection Agency   abolishi

What did Nixon's southern strategy include?

When running for President, Nixon tried to attract conservatives in the South who had been alienated by the Democratic support for the Civil Rights movement. During this perio

What was the Southern Strategy in the Civil War?


What was the British southern strategy?

During the American Revolution, the British "southern strategy" was  devised as an alternative to their failed campaigns in central and  northern America during the wars fir

Why was the Battle of Britain a failure for Germany?

Because the British had just invented radar. so they could spot German planes.   A Little More Information Until the Battle of Britain, Germany had enjoyed an unbroken stri
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What is The Primary National Strategy?

The Primary National Strategy is a document launched in the UK in May 2003. It was made by Charles Clarke, the Secretary of State for Education. This document lists strategic

What caused the initial Union blockades of Southern ports to not be a factor in the economy of Great Britain?

At the onset of the US Civil War, British textile mills, that were large importers of Southern cotton were not affected in that approximately one million bales of surplus cott