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What if you have multiple payday loans?

What about having multiple payday loans? It is usually not recommended to take out more than one payday loan at one time. It doesn't matter if they are all from the same len

Is a Faxless Payday loan a scam?

As with any payday loans, you take your chance when putting your information out there. The service is online and does not require a fax to complete. There are many scams out

Can i do a payday loan debt consolidation?

You can. There are companies on the internet that claim to do just that. Make sure you check them out first. Check with the Better Business Bureau and see what they have to sa

Can payday loan company sue?

Yes, however, the company is not likely to do so. Payday loans are generally less than $2,000 so most payday lenders will not go to the trouble to sue someone. However, what

What info does a payday loan check?

Payday lenders, especially online, usually use services such as CLVerify and TeleTrack to find out if you already have any payday loans, or have defaulted on any payday loans.

Is payday lending the same as a payday loan?

Yes, payday lending is the exact same as a payday loan, but sometimes people call it different things. It is for those who need a very short term loan until they get paid at w

What payday loans will accept account now prepaid?

Speedy cash here in texas accept account now cards n jus a photo id so check into something similar to that in your area. Hope this helps :)

What is the average interest on a payday loan?

Interest rates for payday loans vary, but they are always at least three digits. These rates start at 300% and can go above 1000%. Stay away if you can.

What does payday loan lenders mean?

Payday Loan Lenders are where you can get money now for a fee. In my opnion they are a rip-off but if you need the money in todays econmy then they are a great place to help y

What is the law if you do not pay your payday loan?

The payday lender will initiate legal collections processes (under the FDCPA) and make all attempts to collect the debt. If after all collection efforts complete the borrower

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What is a payday loan?

Many check cashing businesses offer small sum, short-term, high-rate, unsecured personal loans. These go by many names, including:\n. \npayday loan\ncash advance loan\npost-d

How do you break the payday loan cycle?

There are a variety of not-for-profit credit counseling companies available to people having challenges managing their money. There are few, however, that are focused on payda