Which type of infection can be prevented by a vaccination?

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What do vaccines prevent?

Vaccines prevent only the infectious diseases that they were made to prevent. For example, a vaccine for one type of flu will prevent that type of flu, but you may still get o

How vaccines prevent infection?

Vaccines do not prevent infection. Vaccines prepare the immune system to fight infection by allowing the immune system to produce antibodies to a specific invading organism, k

How can you prevent infection?

The number one way to prevent infection is by proper hand washing. Contact your local health department or CDC.gov for specific hand washing instructions. Generally: warm wate

What did the vaccine prevent?

Each vaccination is specific for certain diseases. The seasonal flu vaccinations usually cover the three most likely types of seasonal flu that will be expected to be in your

Explain how vaccines prevent infection?

Vaccines inject a weak amount of the pathogen that causes the infection into you. This is not enough to harm you. This causes your bodies lymphocyte white blood cells to produ

How do vaccines prevent infection?

Vaccines are created by taking a sample of whatever you want to prevent and heating it up just enough to kill it or severely weaken it. When that is injected in a person, thei

How do you prevent infection?

Currently, the most simplest and easiest way is to wash your handsfrequently and thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20seconds, followed by hand-drying with a paper to

How does vaccines prevent future infections?

The human body has several different types of white blood cells (WBCs) which fight foreign invaders (Antigens) that enter our body. Certain types of WBCs react to specific inv
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How do vaccines prevent the spread of some infections diseases?

Most vaccines give you a mild case of the disease they are attempting to prevent but in a 'dead' state that generally does not allow the illness to become serious. Your body i