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Who are the Main characters in Sarah's Ground?

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Who is the main character?

Ralph is the main character, with Jack, Piggy, Simon, and Samneric following close behind.

How old are the characters in the dumping ground?

Amy-Leigh Hickman (Carmen) = 14 years old. Miles- butler Hughton (Tyler) = 11 years old. Joe Maw ( Johnny Taylor) = 15 years 5 months. Jessie Williams ( Lily Kettle) 14 years

What is main characters?

main characters are the most important people in a film,tv programme,or a stage show . these are some main characters of some films :mickey mouse ,Cinderella , aladdin, Hannah

What makes a main character a main character?

A main character is usually the protagonist (good guy) in a story. The story revolves around them, their adventures, their encounters, and their memories. The main character i

What is a main character?

The main characters are the ones that the story is written about. Main characters are usually the ones who grow and change through the book.  Background characters are the on