Who are the Main characters in Sarah's Ground?

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What makes a character a main character?

The person or persons who are essential to the plot of the story are the main characters. If they story can still happen without them, they're not main characters.

What is main characters?

main characters are the most important people in a film,tv programme,or a stage show . these are some main characters of some films :mickey mouse ,Cinderella , aladdin, Hannah

What is a main character?

The main characters are the ones that the story is written about. Main characters are usually the ones who grow and change through the book. . Background characters are the o

What are main characters?

Main characters are the people who occur more frequentley.Usually who the story line is mainly about.

What makes a main character a main character?

A main character is usually the protagonist (good guy) in a story. The story revolves around them, their adventures, their encounters, and their memories. The main character i
In Tekken

Which tekken characters are the main characters?

Kazuya Mishima is the main character of Tekken 1 & 4, Heihachi Mishima is the main character of Tekken 2 (Although the events in Tekken 2 revolve around Kazuya's actions), and

What are main character?

a character in a story that usually is fondly liked by the reader and usually is in the most intresting parts of the story or is using there perspective or just plain being ta