Who are the main people who get bullied?

People who are uniquely different. Like: The girl who wears size 11 shoes; the big fat boy; the real skinny girl; the geek; the nerds; the girl who looks scared of the bully; (MORE)

What is a main character?

The main characters are the ones that the story is written about. Main characters are usually the ones who grow and change through the book. . Background characters are the o (MORE)

What are all of the Bully characters names?

Main Characters: Jimmy, Gary, and Petey.. Bullies: Russell, Davis, Ethen, Tom, Trent, Troy, and Wade.. Preppies: Derby, Bif, Bryce, Chad, Gord, Justin, Parker, Pinky, and Ta (MORE)

Who are the main targets for bullying?

The main targets for bullying are: . Intelligent People . People that wear glasses . People that are overweight . People that are underweight . People that have pimples/a (MORE)
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Who are the deleted characters in Bully?

The deleted characters are: BOB: The only remains of him in the game is in the opening cutscene of The Gym Is Burning, where he is wearing a Wrestling Singlet. Bob is white (MORE)

What is the main idea to stop bullying?

The main idea is that you cant just stay there and let the person bully, you your hole life. You should, tell your parents or tell a adult. Because u cant just stay like this (MORE)

What are main character?

a character in a story that usually is fondly liked by the reader and usually is in the most intresting parts of the story or is using there perspective or just plain being ta (MORE)