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Who was the Arabic mathematician who invented algebra?

Freya Angood invented algebra in 1923 when her grandparents told her that there is always a way around things. This encouraged Freya to think of different ways to solve maths (MORE)

What mathematician invented factoring?

Factoring, as in other basic mathematical operations was not invented or attributed to any single individual. Factoring is a basis to mathematics and its functions have been f (MORE)

Which mathematician invented the formula for perimeter?

Although some have said Archimedes, my opinion is that the formulas for area and perimeter of a rectangle were well known before his time (300BC). The Babylonians in 1500BC kn (MORE)

Mathematician who invented trigonometry?

my great great great great great great grandfather invented trigonometry when he was in india. He was farming and decided he did'nt want to do anything labour intensive so he (MORE)

What did Marie Antoinette invent as a mathematician?

Well, she wasn't exactly a mathematician as being queen of France ;-).. She did invent one mathematical design though, called La Harpie. When the French soldiers went to Ame (MORE)

Who is the mathematician invented the real numbers?

Egyptians created the first chipered numeral system around 3,400 BC. Then followed by the Greeks by mapping their counting numbers onto Ionian and Doric alphabets. Well numbe (MORE)

What did muslim mathematicians invent?

Muslim mathematicians are responsible for introducing our numbersystem. That is why we call them Arabic numerals. They developedthe concept of zero as a value, the decimal sys (MORE)