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Who believed in high terrify raised at the prices of manufactured goods?

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Merchants who followed the army and sold goods to them at high prices were called?

Profiteers, but there may be other more specific terms. Profiteering can exist in peacetime as well as war, when greedy merchants see the opportunity to sell necessary goods a

What is terrified?

"Terrified" is the past participle of the verb "to terrify". It can be used to make the perfect aspect - he has terrified many people in his life - or to modify nouns, like an

Why did they raise hot Cheetos prices?

Because the value of your dollar continues to fall due to inflation caused by the privately owned monitary system called The Federal Reserve. The more money they print into th

What is a manufactured good?

Something that has been added to and packaged or canned. If you aren't able to pick it and immediately eat it, it has been manufactured or altered. Of course you always want t

What religion was Hitler raised to believe in?

Adolf Hitler was raised as a Roman Catholic. However, we can safely say that he was not a very good Catholic. You can probably find many claims as to what he was or wasn't. He