Why is Mother Mary full of grace?

Our Blessed Mother, Mary is full of grace for many reasons. Of all humans after the Fall from grace of Adam and Eve, Mary alone was the only person born without the stain of o (MORE)

When was jesus declared divine by catholic church?

Jesus wasn't declared 'divine' by the Catholic Church because there was no need to. Jesus was predicted in the Old Testament prophets to be divine ( Isaiah called him Emmanue (MORE)

Which pope declared Mary as the 'Mother of the Church'?

Mary was declared 'mother of the church' "Theotokos" during the Council of Ephesus in the year 431. She was also called 'the Mother of Jesus' during the Wedding at Cana found (MORE)

Why do you call Mary divine providence?

It"s a little off -focus. Providence is normally reserved for God Himself. Saints have all sorts of gifts, virtures etc. Mary became a Mother ( of God) by Divine Providence, b (MORE)

How is Mary our mother?

After recalling the presence of Mary and the other women at theLord's cross, St John relates: "When Jesus saw his mother, and thedisciple whom he loved standing near, he said (MORE)