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Who delivers the states of the union address?

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Why does a president have to deliver a state of the union address to the citizens?

  The Constitution requires him (or her) to update Congress, not the citizens, of the state of the Union. Until the 20th century, this was usually done in writing, but wit

What is the purpose of the state of union address?

The State of the Union. Is an address from the president, usually intended on informing the public of what the leader is doing, such as his own opinion and how he would solve

Where does the president deliver the union address every year?

He delivers this address in the House of Representative chamber of the US Capitol building in Washington, D.C..

What were the names and positions of the two men who sat directly behind president Obama as he delivered the state of the union address?

It is customary for the Vice President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives to sit behind the president. Thus, the two men you saw were Joe Biden (Vice President),