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Why are there no pro sports teams in Nevada?

The best answer to this is that Nevada is a gambling state, except for 2 small towns. The professional sports teams may have been too much of an allure to gamblers and rigged (MORE)

What is pro sports team in Alaska?

Alaska has no major league sports teams. Some minor league teamsinclude the Alaska Aces, a minor league hockey team, and the AlaskaQuake, an ABA basketball team.
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What cities have pro sport teams?

I believe it is New York City. Yanks, Mets, Jets, Giants, Knicks, Rangers, Islanders, Red Bulls. California however, has the most pro sport teams for a state.
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Does Maine have a pro sports team?

Portland Sea Dogs, minor league baseball, (U.S. baseball) . Portland Pirates, minor league hockey, American Hockey League Are two teams that by definition are professional (MORE)

Favorite Pro Football Teams?

There are thirty two football teams in the NFL. . AFC EAST Patriots Dolphins. Jets. Bills. NFC EAST Cowboys Giants. Redskins. Eagles. AFC NORTH Bengals Steelers. (MORE)
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How many pro sports team?

If you are asking for NFL, then it is 32 teams. In NHL, there are 30 teams(6 of them in Canada, 24 in USA). In MLB, there are 30 teams (14 in AL, 16 in NL). In NBA, there are (MORE)
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How do you start a pro sports team?

Ok ... If Your Woman (Girl) E.g Netball Youd Play For A School Team Or Club Then Try And Play Very Well And Try To Get Noitecied Just Like Acting Like Jet Li He Was A Back G (MORE)
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What are 4 pro sports teams?

The Yankees and Cubs are baseball teams. The Miami Heat is basketball. In football there are the Packers, Bears, Patriots, Eagles and Colts.