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Who does rodrick apologise to in book one?

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How do you apologise to your girlfriend?

first of all, saying "im sorry" is a good way to start, but if she's really pissed at you, you're going to have to prove that you're sorry. best way to make her believe that y

How do you spell apologise?

That is the correct UK spelling, apologise with an S. But in the US, the correct spelling is apologize, with a Z. (There are a number of similar words spelled differently in U

How do you spell apologises?

That is the correct spelling in the UK, apologises. In the US, it is apologizes.

Is apologise a noun?

No, the word apologise (Brit.) or apologize (Am.) is a verb,  meaning to express regret for something that one has done wrong    The noun forms of the verb to apologis

How do you get the rodrick out?

you have to get the membership card from Rowley and then go to the door that locks.Use the membership card to open the door.Press the box near the door then press Rodrick's ro