Who first said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results?

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How many miles over 400000 can one expect and what are the first major things to go and after what point do you stop fixing?

Answer . \nMy 190e now has 84000 on the clock.The only major work was the battery tray rusted away causing an MOT failure.. Answer . These cars are "SOLID" at least from my experience. I am 400 miles away from 200,000 miles and it still runs like a top! I have done general maintenence, Belt, ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of insanity?

Insanity is the madness. Mental disturbances. Foolishness. Often the statement of the definition of insanity is, "expecting change when you do the same thing over and over."

How do you get over a relationship when your girfriend has walked out i had no warning we never argued she said she has an insane jealousy about me i could not even go to work without been accused?

Answer . Even though you are upset, your girlfriend did do the right thing for both of you by ending the relationship. You cannot have a healthy relationship when a person feels they have a right to control your actions and behavior (and in this case, your work) due to their jealousy and insecuri ( Full Answer )

I was talking to this guy and things were fine at first but then things start to go wrong he said its over and didn't want a relationship but then 3 months later he makes an excuse to email me why?

He may have been scared of his feelings or commitment in a relationship, he may have liked someone else at the time or he may have just decided he didn't want to be in that relationship at the time. To recontact you he may have just been thinking about you and wanted to talk or has something specifi ( Full Answer )

Definition of over skilled workers?

The simpledefinition of over skilled is to have more ability then the jobdemands. If this is a senior level position lets say and this isstill happening you should consider starting over and learnsomething new & different because you're skills no longermarketable and possibly being viewed as to expe ( Full Answer )

Definition of over budget?

-adjective costing or being more than the amount alloted or budgeted: The building is half-finished and it's already overbudget. .

What does it mean to do the same thing repeately but expecting a different outcome?

Some say, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting a different result. When you use the same thought process, same approach, maybe same system over and over again and still getting the same result, it's time to change the above mentioned. Kind of like if you were to get in yo ( Full Answer )

So this guy said things over and over again to me and I fell madly in love But now he just stopped talking to me all together I am torn up and wondering how do I get over my first love?

try talking to him first, and if you haven't already, tell him how much you care about him.I know this isn't what you want to hear, but if he doesn't understand, he's not worth it, and you can get over him by deleting anything from him eg. texts, emails, msn history, even any pictures of the two of ( Full Answer )

What is Definition of over and back?

In Basketball, once an offensive player passes the half court line with both feet and the ball, the team may not take the ball into the back court unless it is deflected (last touched) by the defense. A player who has just crossed the line with the ball and brings it back into the backcourt is not " ( Full Answer )

What is the definition of what has come over him?

This means that the person is behaving different than 'normal' or what is usual for the person. It could be meant as a good thing or a complaint about the persons behavior.

What are some thing you can do to get over your first love?

what i did to get over my first love was just talk about whit my frieds to help me get though it and reminding my self what a jerk he was for doing that to me and if he really loved u he would have not done that and say thank god he's out of my life

Are results and chart the same thing?

Not really. Results could be the end product of some action (e.g. =A1+B1), while a chart is a graphical representation of a collection of data.

What does this quote mean insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting the different results?

This proverb can be applied to many situations such as work, life, love. When applied to people, this quote promotes a person to try something else if they aren't happy with their situation. For example, if your in a bad relationship, you are going to remain in a bad relationship until you do someth ( Full Answer )

Saying things over and over again?

It is called being repetitive; which you are doing with that particular phrase by using the word "over" twice.

What is the definition to over stimulated?

over stimulated means you are getting to much stimulation. And that's according to my mom. Sorry if this isn't the answer your looking for! I hope I at least helped a little!

Do veterinarians do the same thing over and over again for their jobs?

Just like human doctors, their job can be as mundane or hectic as they choose. A clinical setting (like a human GP) may have run of the mill cases, such as wellness check ups and minor illnesses. A vet may also work in an emergency hospital, on a farm, at a zoo, or any other setting where there are ( Full Answer )

What characteristic of earth results in different seasons over a period of a year?

Axial Tilt of 23.5 deg. (possibly cause by impact wich also might be the mechanism that created the moon aswell as our iron core, and subsequently our magnetoshpere), with said tilt, as the earth orbits the sun, different parts of the earth experience different length in day, depending on Time of ye ( Full Answer )

Is 22 over seven the same thing as seven over 22?

No. Is you were to convert them into number you will see the difference. the 22/7 it means: 7/7 = 1 21/7 = 3 22/7 = 3.14... And the 7/22 means 22/22 = 1 7/22 = 0.31818...

Why do scientists look for things over and over?

Scientists perceive that there is an answer to everything, if you keep looking. Our curiosity is the mother of discovery. Basically, the answer is this simple. Even the current solutions may need updating or correcting due to many reasons such as, mythology, religious taboos, ethics and other o ( Full Answer )

When cherry said things are rough all over what did she mean?

This means that everywhere there are rough things going on, especially the fact over her boyfriend, Bob, died, and Johnny died, and a lot of people got hurt from all their fighting... And Cherry disagrees with the socs. and greasers actions.

Is obesity the same thing as being over weight?

Obesity is the extreme form of being over weight. A person can be slightly over weight and not be obese. Obesity is a medical condition of being over weight, where the body fat has accumulated to the extent that it could adversely effect the persons health and/or life expectancy.

Is recombination and crossing over or cross over the same thing?

Crossing over occur in meiosis 1 when the homologous pair exchange information. Recombination occur in meiosis 2 and mitosis when the chromosome are separated randomly during anaphase 2 for meiosis and anaphase 1 for mitosis. This cause genetics variation

What does 'insane is doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results' mean?

A rational person would, after repeating same actions once or twice and obtaining a constant result, form the conclusion that those actions always give that particular result. It is therefore suggesting that, if someone does the actions again and again and does not believe they will give the same ( Full Answer )

Why is it that i do the same things and expect different results?

That's the definition of insanity. Don't worry, we all do it. A lot of what we do is from habit and a habit is one of the hardest things to change. If you know you are going to repeat what is probably a bad behavior, think before you do it and make a choice not to. Be aware of what you are doing and ( Full Answer )

What do you do if you have argued with a person over the same thing over and over again and they keep saying sorry but next thing you know they start doing what they were sorry for again?

You stop arguing and stop expecting them to change. They don't think they're doing anything wrong and they are not motivated to make any changes. If you really don't like the way they behave you need to look elsewhere for a friend or partner. You stop arguing and stop expecting them to change. They ( Full Answer )

How is feedback different from saying the same thing over and over again?

Feedback generally has a specific purpose, and is often provided under a specific circumstance. Some of the occasions when you might receive feedback include: an evaluation of your academic work (a project, a term paper, etc); being given advice after you have completed some task at work; or being t ( Full Answer )

How would your results have differed if you had over titrated added Na OH beyond the endpoint?

Due to the addition of more NaOH than was necessary to reach the endpoint of the titration, the recorded data would show NaOH at a higher concentration, and whatever other chemical in solution (the analyte of the titration) to appear at a lower concentration. If recording the amount of mL of the tit ( Full Answer )

What is the definition in investments for roll over?

Roll overs are when funds are moved from one investment to another. One example is the tax-free option of moving funds from a qualified retirement plan to an IRA or other plan.

Is being insane and a pyromaniac the same thing?

No. As not all insane people are pyromaniacs, itfollows that being insane and being a pyromaniac can not be thesame thing ( even if you assert that allpyromaniacs are by definition insane).

Is results and conclusion the same thing?

No. A conclusion is that which brings something to an end. It can be the proposition which an argument is leading to, the state of affairs which a story is leading to, or an event which brings something to a close. Death is the conclusion of our life here on earth. It brings it to an end. Results, o ( Full Answer )

What was the first thing sent over the internet?

The first message sent was the word "login" from UCLA to StanfordResearch Institute on October 29, 1969; but only the "l" and the"o" letters were transmitted, then the system crashed! About anhour later, after the programmers fixed the bug that caused thecrash, the word "login" was successfully sent ( Full Answer )