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Who first said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results?

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How would your results have differed if you had over titrated added Na OH beyond the endpoint?

Due to the addition of more NaOH than was necessary to reach the endpoint of the titration, the recorded data would show NaOH at a higher concentration, and whatever other che

Why is it that i do the same things and expect different results?

That's the definition of insanity. Don't worry, we all do it. A lot of what we do is from habit and a habit is one of the hardest things to change. If you know you are going t

What characteristic of earth results in different seasons over a period of a year?

Axial Tilt of 23.5 deg. (possibly cause by impact wich also might be the mechanism that created the moon aswell as our iron core, and subsequently our magnetoshpere), with sai