How did NASA get its funding?

On October 1st, 1958 the United States Congress formed NASA, which stands for National Aeronautical and Space Administration. NASA replaced NACA . The National Advisory Com (MORE)

How much does the US fund NASA?

The original answer was 50 billion dollars a year. This could not be more wrong. NASA keeps their budget up-to-date on their website. This means, you can view their current bu (MORE)

Who funds NASA?

NASA is funded by Congress with all of our tax dollars. Most people think that NASA has a huge budget, when in fact NASA's budget comes out to 1/2 penny out of every dollar. (MORE)

Why should the US fund nasa?

To explore space, the last frontier. Of course, nowadays we as a country don't care about national honor very much, so it won't matter to most if we aren't the ones to discove (MORE)

Who was the ruler of Portugal who funded expeditions?

He was not a ruler but the third son of John I of Portugal - Henry the Navigator . He supported a lot of vayages along thewestern coast of AFrica. Later, his explorers reached (MORE)