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Who has has more spacewalks at the International Space Station-the US or Russia?

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How is the international space station used?

The international space station is somewhere in space, and hence the name International Space Station it is there for the whole world to use, engineer's, and scientists stay o

How did the International Space Station get to space?

The space station, now weighing several tons, did not get up there in one launch. U.S. space shuttles and Russian, Canadian, and Japanese rockets brought pods. These smaller s

What was the space race and what factors led to the US and Russia collaborating on the International Space Station?

The space race was a decade when the USA and the Soviet Union were engaged in a heated competition to see who could make the furthest advancements into space first. The USSR e

Why was Russia later included in the International Space Station?

Because Russia was the only country with a permanent presence in space with Mir. Russia learnt a great deal with the successes and pitfalls of Mir. Most of the critical system

Countries that use the international space station?

The following countries are associated with the International Space Station (ISS): USA Russia Canada Japan Brazil Belgium Denmark France Germany Italy th