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Who has has more spacewalks at the International Space Station-the US or Russia?

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How long will the International Space Station be in space?

It is planned to stay in orbit in its current form until at least 2020. In principle it can stay in orbit as long as nothing breaks and there is money for flying people, sup

What layer of space is the International Space Station in?

The International Space Station (ISS), which orbits at between 187 and 194 nautical miles (about 215 to about 223 miles), is in what is called the thermosphere. We know that t

Where is the International Space Station located?

The International Space Station is in constant orbit around the Earth, at a height of about 200 miles. It can be seen at various times from Earth. It passes over different par

How did the International Space Station launch into space?

  The ISS is almost like a puzzle. The first piece of it was launched into space in 1998, and then the second piece launched and connected to the first piece, and we're st

How did the International Space Station get to space?

The space station, now weighing several tons, did not get up there in one launch. U.S. space shuttles and Russian, Canadian, and Japanese rockets brought pods. These smaller s

Why was the international space station put in space?

The objective of the ISS, as defined by NASA, is to develop and test technologies for exploration spacecraft systems, develop techniques to maintain crew health and performanc

What is the purpose if the International Space Station?

what is the purpose of the space station? The mission of the International Space Station is to enable long-term exploration of space and provide benefits to people on Earth.

What has the International Space Station accomplished?

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there were a large number of rocket scientists who were either unemployed or unpaid. A major risk of this situation was transfer of the

How is the international space station used?

The international space station is somewhere in space, and hence the name International Space Station it is there for the whole world to use, engineer's, and scientists stay o

What are some new technologies used on the international space station?

Every day, in a variety of ways, American lives are touched by space technology. Since 1976, over 1,600 documented NASA technologies have benefited U.S. industry, improved the