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Who has survived the most mass shootings?

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What were mass open air shootings carried out by the Nazis?

In many parts of Eastern Europe, the Nazis rounded up victims - usually Jews, took them into open country, forced them to dig their own graves often in the form of pits. The v

If Tupac survived his shooting would he have gone back to prison?

I would say he definitely would have gone back to prison since he violated his probation with his involvement in that fight (and of course with it being all on video at the mg

Was there ever a mass shooting in Wyoming?

Yes, depending on your definition of Mass Shooting - July 2011 -  Platte County man kills 4 and wounds a 3rd (all family members),  2012 - Casper College kills 3 (himself an

When and where are you most likely to see a shooting star?

'Shooting stars' are much more common than you might think, particularly in summer. My best suggestion would be to find an area with little light pollution and to just observe

In what state you can shoot most deer a season?

North Carolina has an unlimited daily and season bag limits. As long as you have enough tags you can shoot as many deer as you would like. As a resident I am given 6 tags at f

Planets from least mass to most mass?

Mercury (least massive), Mars, Venus, Earth, Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Jupiter (most massive). Note that although Neptune has more mass than Uranus, it is smaller in size.

What is the most fps a pellet gun can shoot?

Depends on how much money you have to spend. ------------------ new answer---------------------- Manufactures rate their air guns and rifles FPS by using very lightweight pel

What would survive in a mass extinction?

Typically, cold-blooded animals are more likely to survive mass extinctions than their warmblooded counterparts. Animals who are lower in the food chain are also more likely t