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Who has survived the most mass shootings?

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Did Anastasia survive the shooting of the Romanovas?

Anastasia was supposed to have survived the shooting because of Diamonds and other gems stitched into her clothes. nobody knows if it was her or her sister who survived. Since

What would survive in a mass extinction?

Typically, cold-blooded animals are more likely to survive mass extinctions than their warmblooded counterparts. Animals who are lower in the food chain are also more likely t

What is the most popular shooting game?

WOW or World of Warcraft is the best shooting game ever because hunters are over powered. And to add to that they can enter first person so.

How do you survive a school shooting?

Step 1 tell the shooter your on his side step 2 show him we they at  Step 3 go it the back of him step 4 attack him step 5 tie him up  step 6 call the police step 7 announce

What is mass open air shootings?

When a crowd of people in an open area such as a "town square," or "centre," are shot upon by men with guns typically in an over-looking window of a nearby apartment. You coul

How do you survive a office shooting?

during a shooting its Important to stay focus and don't panic.here are the rules. 1.Never panic,always stay focus so you can have a better chance of escaping alive. 2.never p

In what state does most shootings occur?

The US Department of Justice and the FBI's uniform crime reports break down things a bit differently. For instance you have "Firearms crimes" which list all crimes where a fir

Was there ever a mass shooting in Wyoming?

Yes, depending on your definition of Mass Shooting - July 2011 -  Platte County man kills 4 and wounds a 3rd (all family members),  2012 - Casper College kills 3 (himself an
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Organisms that survive mass extinctions?

Organisms that survive mass extinctions, undergo adaptive radiation  which gives rise to dominant species to take up new ecological  opportunities.