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Who introduced the Christmas Tree to England?

It's a bit of a misnomer that Prince Albert introduced the  Christmas tree to Britain. This has come about however, by the  publicity at the time of Queen Victoria's reign a (MORE)

Who introduced the Christmas Tree?

The Christmas tree was popularized by German immigrants but its history dates to before Christianity. In the traditional northern European religions the "christmas tree" or ev (MORE)

Who by and when were Christmas trees introduced to England?

Christmas trees were introduced by a dutch philosopher named Elodite Traibar in 1768 when he moved England in the hope of furthering his research. he believed that the Christm (MORE)

Who introduced the christmas tree to america?

In fact it was a president from England named Franklin Pierce. America found out about it when Pierce insisted he have a Christmas tree when the holiday came around. Then the (MORE)

Who introduced the Christmas tree in the UK?

Prince Albert, the husband of Queen Victoria. Albert was  from Germany, where the tradition of Christmas trees goes back to  the period of the earliest Catholic missionaries (MORE)