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Who invented Light weight vacuum cleaner in 1908?

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When was the vacuum cleaner invented?

hubert cecil booth invented the first vacume cleaner,in 1901. posted by- Whitney S.L Baughman   it was invented in 1860 by David Hess and you can take that to the bank pe

Who invented the vacuum cleaner?

Ives W. McGaffney, of Chicago, created a mechanical machine in  1868.   Hubert Cecil Booth, an English engineer, built an electric vacuum  cleaner in 1901.    

Who invented the electric vacuum cleaner?

James Murray Spangler invented the first motorized, portable vacuum  cleaner. Spangler was a janitor in Ohio and used an electric fan, a  box, and one of his wife's pillowca

Invented the vacuum cleaner?

in 1901 a man named hubert cucio booth invented the vacuum cleaner but why? i have no clue ive been tryiing to figure it out too