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What are the rights that people have simply because they are people?

Natural rights ------------------------- There is also a UN charter of Human Rights. This is further interpreted in European Union Law if you love there and, of course, the

Who has the right to stop payment on a check?

The person(s) on the account that a check was drawn on. For example, Joe and Mary have a joint bank account and Joe has written a check for $1000. Because the account is set u

Where do you check your sanctioned bowling league?

There is a "yearbook" put out each year. This will contain the averages of all the sanctioned bowlers in your locale. If you do not have access to one, ask your league secreta

How do you check if division answer is right?

  Take the answer of the division problem and multiply it by one of the numbers. It should equal the OTHER number.   a/b = c   c * b = a OR c * a = b

Are Super Bowl commercials funny?

Sometimes the commercials are funny. Basically there are some people who watch the Super Bowl only for the commercials and to see how funny they are. It's all a matter of opin