Who is Nikki Catsouras?

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Who is Nikki Blonsky?

Answer . Nikki Blonsky is an actress who played Tracy Turnblad in the hit musical Hairspray. She has had a few movies roles since.

Who is Nikki Sixx?

Nikki Sixx is Motley Crue's bassist. He is also the creator and founder of Sixx A.M. (As the bassist too.) He also died three times, came back all three times (he OD'd), is currently clean, and even kept diaries when he was on heroin(the major drug in his life), that is published and apropriatly (MORE)

Who is Nikki Benz?

Nikki Benz is one of the top superstars of the Adult Industry, a breathtaking blonde beauty whose career crosses over into the world of mainstream entertainment, having appeared on MTV's Fast Inc., Showtime's "Family Business", VH1's Supergroup and the world famous Howard Stern Show. As well as rock (MORE)

Who is Nikki dating?

well some say lilwayne an some say drake an i think she is a beautiful young lady with a bright future of rappin an she iz single an is a bab mamma jamma but needs ta watch out cause me an my hommy have started a singin an rappin group called babii divaz an we wiill take it to da top no matter wat (MORE)

Is Nikki Dating?

Kat Von D No one. her most recent boyfriend with Paris Latsis, but she broke up with him.

Who is Nikki dunavant?

Nikki Dunavant was a junior tennis player. Nikki is from LittleRiver, South Carolina. She attended The Scholars Academy RisingJuniors, class of 2012.

Who is Nikki Sims?

Nikki Sims is a non-nude "tease" model who works for Pink Velvet Vault. Pink Velvet Vaulthas 5 or 6 other nude and non-nude models. http://www.nikkisimsboobs.com/

What job does Nikki Giovanni have?

She teaches English at Virginia Tech. You might have seen her on TV when she addressed the students following the shooting massacre on campus. She has written many books of poetry and speaks all over the country on the subject. She has also received many prizes for her work as a poet.

Nikki lowe is a?

Nikki Lowe is a professional voice over talent who has lent her voice to everything from web and radio commercials to e-learning courses, recording from her professional studio. While she has great range, her style is best described as sophisticated, current and clean.

Who is Nikki Webster?

Nikki Webster is a singer and a model and has done a little acting such as the wizard of oz.

Who is Nikki Reed?

Nikki Reed is about 21 years of age. She is an American actress from California and she is often in mvoies irected by Catherine Hardwicke. Catherine Hardwicke wrote Thirteen within six days over her winter break, and Nikki Reed starred in it. Nikki Reed also starred in Twilight as Rosalie Cullen (MORE)

What rhymes with Nikki?

lots of things like Ricky,icky,tricky,picky mickey,and i think that's all well ill tell you later Chinky Mickey ricky picky sickly tricky

Who is Nikki vassiliou?

She is the girlfriend of X Factor contestant Austin Drage. She used to be a topless model but after meeting Austin she gave it up.

Who be is Nikki Giovanni?

Nikki Giovanni is a world-renowned poet, writer, commentator, activist, and educator. Over the past thirty years, her outspokenness, in her writing and in lectures, has brought the eyes of the world upon her. One of the most widely-read American poets, she prides herself on being "a Black American, (MORE)

Who is Nikki Yanofsky?

Nikki Yanofsky (born on February 8, 1994 aged 16) is a Canadian jazz-pop singer. She is AMAZING at scatting. She loves Ella Fitzgerald, the queen who started it all, that also lives in Canada. She speaks French and English, and is a famous singer across the country. She's just got popular in the US! (MORE)

Who is Nikki Davis?

Nikki Davis (born Nicolette May Georgina Davis) was born in Downtown New York, and had released singles such as Three and Minor Comment. Nikki faintly starred in Harry Potter as an extra, but nothing went further than that. Nikki has a daughter named Milleigh, and is raising her in new York. She dat (MORE)

Who is Nikki Grimes?

She is an author who has written many books. You can go on her website http://www.nikkigrimes.com/bio.html

Who is Nikki lorenzo?

Nikki Lorenzo is an amazing new artist from Miami, Florida who wrote the song "Wake Me" for the film New Moon. You can hear her songs at www.myspace.com/nikkilorenzomusic

Who is Nikki in thirteen?

Evie Zamora is a thirteen year old girl, who drags Tracy into her world of sex, drugs and petty crime..

What was Nikki Giovanni obstacles in life?

One Major Obstacle that Nikki Giovanni faced in life was that she had lung cancer and another obstacle was that she had a part of her lungs and several robs removed.

Did Nikki Giovanni have siblings?

Nikki Giovanni did have a sibling. She had an older sister. Her sister's name is Gary Ann Giovanni.Her sister is 3 years older then her. Right now, Nikki Giovanni is 67 and Gary is 70. Nikki's Birthday-June 7,1943 in Knoxville,TN. Gary's Birthday-Sept. 2,1940 in Knoxville,TN. Hope this helps! If yo (MORE)

How tall is Nikki Yanofsky?

When I saw her, she seemed like she would be about 5'3. She's super nice, too, but I was blown away by how short she was!

Who is Nikki oldridge?

Nikki oldridge is a CAMBRIDGE girl, who is Blair coon's valentine, and is goin to buy Blair some jaffas this weekend and maybe some subway if shes working?

How much Nikki minaj worth?

My opinion: her personality: 2 cents/ lyrically 10 grand..she got sumthn goin on lyrically im not gonna lie but she can do better by not soundin lik lil Wayne and bein childish wen rappin

What awards has Nikki Giovanni won?

Ebony Magazine, Woman of the Year. 1971-99 . Keys to more than a dozen cities, including Dallas, Miami, New York, New Orleans, Baltimore, and Los Angeles. 1971 . Mademoiselle Magazine, Woman of the Year. 1972 . Ladies Home Journal, Woman of the Year National Association of Radio and Televis (MORE)

Who is Nikki Tisdale?

Hey guys this is the Official Nikki Tisdale. If you wanna get to know me then here it goes: Name: Nikki Rose Tisdale Age: 15 Birth: 16.5.1995 From: Lost,Angeles.CA Current City: Marietta,Georgia,Atlanta School: Whitefield Academy Siblings: Ashley & Jeniffer Tisdale Twitter: (NikkiT (MORE)

Is Nikki minaj bald?

Nikki minaj may be bald because she uses a lot of different wigs so yes Nikki minaj is bald

What is Nikki reed's dogs names?

Her German Shepard is named Enzo. I know her and her husband recently got another german shepard but I dont know that one's name!

How many syllables in Nikki?

There are two syllables in the word Nikki (or rather name). It is divided like this: nik ki. It is pronouced like the name Nick and you add an ee sound.

How fast can Nikki Sorgi pitch?

Nikki is eiter ten or eleven years old. she has a fast ball which is around forty eight mph and a great change up that has a great speed to it. she is in her last season of ten and under and i think she would be a fantastic pitcher for any team to gain. her older sister teaches her a lot of things a (MORE)

Who is Nikki Ryann?

She is the girl from Toby Keith's video "Trailerhood" and is also a playboy model.

Who is Nikki baker?

Nikki Baker is prankster Nikki from Nikki and John: Pranksters in love. Which is a web series revolved around revenge pranks. Nikki, along with her fiancé John Dahl are Internet sensations with over 150 million views. The couple's pranks are also featured on many tv shows, most notably repeating (MORE)

What is Nikki minja?

Maybe your mixing it up but it could be Nicki minaj and she's a singer Google her

Who is Nikki Kaye?

She is a Disney co-star actress. She was first seen on Barney, movies, and magazine. She starred in the movie Horror House published in 2008. As of this day she is currently 14 years old. While growing up she was in Hannah Montana, Wizards of Waverly Place, iCarly, and much MUCH more. Her billboard (MORE)

Who is Nikky Reddz?

Nikky Reddz is a teen model who was known to date Jermaine Smith AKA Scooter Smiff

Who is Nikki sreckovic?

A popular site model. she's like just this blonde chick who takes pics and sh.t and think they're 'cute' lol when that shyt is so fcking not. haha xD well, yeah she makes corny gay videos or her youtube....likewoahniki or whateevr. and yeaah...:/ she's kinda fayg and shes super lazy...I mean if ur (MORE)

Who is Nikki Maxwell?

Nikki Maxwell is the main character in dork diaries, dork diaries is a book written by Rachel Rennee Russell.

What is the significance of Nikki Catsouras?

Nikki Catsouras was an 18 year old female who died in a car accident in California. She suffered terrible injuries and photographs of these were published on the internet after they were leaked by the California Highway Patrol.