What is a tanner?

Often Disparaging and Offensive. aresident of one country who was born in or owes allegiance toanother country and has not acquired citizenship by naturalizationin the country (MORE)
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How do you get tanner?

the sun ? and baking yourself in a tanning booth . or the last choice would be to buy cremes , only the cremes that come out a chesnut color. if it's orange, most likely (MORE)

What is 'gosse' in French?

Jeune enfant is a French equivalent of 'gosse'. In the word by word translation, the adjective 'jeune' means 'young'. The masculine gender noun 'enfant' means 'child'. Th (MORE)
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What are goss pumps?

we have goss bumps very often. goss bumps usually happens on our hand and legs..

What has the author David Goss written?

David Goss has written: 'Saint John West and its neighbors' -- subject(s): Pictorial works 'East Saint John' -- subject(s): Social life and customs, Pictorial works, Histo (MORE)