Who is brian carn jr of Jacksonville?

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How old is brian carn jr?

Girl - have some shame! Nevertheless - you really should watch this video and listen to what happened to a guy who came to bless Carn with a Word from the LORD! (Copy and Pa

Does anyone have an itinerary for Prophet Brian Carnes Jr?

Before going to see this guy, you better read this story - scary..just scary and Brian Carnes or the other Pastor involved with the assault haven't even denied it! (Copy and

Does Brian carn live with his mother?

With MILLIONS he is making of church dummies who like to be lied to, that would be surprising. Nevertheless - watch a Brian Carn video that will change your life! (Copy and

Where was Brian Carn Born?

Pastor Brian Carn, aka Apostle Brian Carn, the ANOINTED man of God was born on November 9th.

Who is Brian Carn?

in life. Prophet Brian Carn is a powerful man of God called out by pastor Benny Hinn in 2001 to prophesy and preach the annoited word of God. He has preached at numerous chu